Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Go Figure!

My first year of pharmacy school is complete! I worked hard, and among the fruits of my labors was a 3.982 gpa. That is a reflection of many long nights and very early mornings. Not only did I have to endure this, so did my wife. She was left husband-less for the better part of a year, and I admire her strength to not only deal with the circumstances with a smile on her face, but to encourage me as well. Thank you Spring! In addition to being gone during the school year, I have been gone for the majority of summer. I took a job as a Governor’s School counselor at my university. Governor’s School is a chance for the upper echelon high school students (upper echelon in accolades, not in wealth) to spend 5 weeks in a college setting while taking 7 credits. It was the first time I’ve ever lived in a dorm. Who would have thought that first would happen AFTER I was married? All in all it was a terrific experience. I learned a lot about myself; the things I like and the things that need improvement. The very afternoon I finished the Governor’s School, Spring and I left for what would be a 35.5 hour straight drive to California. I am out here for a pharmacy internship and we thought it would be fun if Spring came out for a week. We had a lot of fun with the family, and I was reluctant to have Spring go back to Tennessee. But hey, someone’s gotta work right?

On Spring’s last day in California we made a 2 hour drive to my grandma’s house to spend the night, since it was relatively close to the LAX airport that Spring would be departing from the following morning. We made a quick stop at a store, and upon returning were unable to get the car started. I knew it was a problem with either the battery or alternator, but was hoping for the cheaper to fix problem: the battery. Spring was able to find someone to give us a jump and we were on our way again… or so we thought. Once on the freeway the car started badly sputtering, and then gave out completely. Thankfully, we were on a downward slope and I was able to exit the freeway and pull into a gas station. I knew if it were an alternator problem it would cost $100’s. We had recently bought an extended warranty for our car but couldn’t find the paper work anywhere. We finally were able to find the number for the company issuing the warranty and, sure enough, they were closed for the weekend. We got towed to a auto repair shop and they discovered the problem was simply that my battery had gone completely out. Thank goodness! And another thank goodness that the battery didn’t give up the ghost while we were on our long drive from Tennessee. Just another 40 miles and it would have. In any case, we were finally on our way to my grandma’s. We hit loads of traffic (on the weekend no less) and were so excited to finally arrive at our destination that I locked my keys in my car! Go figure!

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